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Motuab is a website agency with offices in Cyprus, Sweden, and Bulgaria. We help businesses grow their online presence through cost-effective, data-driven websites and marketing strategies.

Our Services

Web Design

We create original WordPress websites that will enable you to promote your business online. Work with us for simple, modern designs and better conversions.

Web Hosting

We provide fast, affordable, and reliable web hosting solutions. Work with us for better website speed, website security, and technical SEO performance.

Content Writing

We offer scalable content solutions that help you grow your organic website traffic. Work with us for engaging content and data-driven SEO strategies.

Graphic Design

We create simple, effective designs that help you stand out from the crowd. Work with us on your logo, brochures, leaflets, and business card designs.

Motuab Website Design Agency

We help you build
the perfect website

Digital marketing helps put your business on the map.  At Motuab, we believe that the most important tool in your digital marketing strategy is your website. It shows people who you are and what you have to offer. That’s why we help you create a unique website design that captures your brand and truly showcases your services.

We help you create catchy content

Content marketing helps you promote your website, attract new customers, and boost your online sales. That’s why, in addition to the FREE content that comes with your website design, we also offer long-term content marketing solutions. We help you create catchy, original, and informative blog posts that will entertain your website audience and keep them coming back for more.  

Our Portfolio

Motuab Content Icon

LBE Redovisning

LBE Redovisning is an accounting firm.
They are based in Sweden.

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Matelfi is a property management firm.
They are based in the UK.

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Eagle Garden Landscaping

EGL is a garden landscaping firm.
They are based in the UK.

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Vending Plovdiv

VP is a B2B vending solutions firm.
They are based in Bulgaria.

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MT Proxy

MT Proxy is a fintech company in the forex industry.
They are based in Cyprus.

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Halehall Nature Reserve is a conservation charity.
They are based in Sweden.

We help you make more sales

Even in a digital age, there’s still plenty of business happening offline. When it comes to marketing materials, good graphic design can enhance your message, create a lasting impression, and even make the sale. That’s why in addition to the FREE logo you get with your website, we also offer a full suite of graphic design services. We help you create marketing materials the marketing materials you need to sell!


What's included with websites?

Our standard website solution includes a homepage, a services pages, a company page, and a contact page. Prices start from €130 (exc. VAT). 

What's included with hosting ?

Our hosting includes a domain, an SSL certificate, and a 1-year WordPress hosting package, and a SSL certificate. Prices start from €130 (exc. VAT)

What's included with content ?

Our content solution includes four 1500-word articles per month, as well as social media content and scheduling. Prices start from €50 (exc. VAT).

What 's included with design?

Our standard graphic design solutions includes a logo, a 3-page brochure, a 1-page leaflet, and a business card. Prices start from €75 (exc. VAT).

Which companies do you help?

We work primarily with small business owners in the UK, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Sweden. We work in most industries and we are always happy to help you.

How long does it all take?

We work very quickly! We can get your new website up and running in less than a week. We also provide content and design support from the get-go.


About Motuab

Motuab is a WordPress website agency with offices in Cyprus, Sweden, and Bulgaria. We specialise in website design, website hosting, content marketing, and graphic design services for small businesses. Contact us for more information or to book one of our services.

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